Ignitol Lubricants & Engine Oil

Ignitol Lubricants & Engine Oil manufacturer in UAE.

At Ignitol, we are not just manufacturers; we are creators of excellence, crafting engine lubricants that propel your vehicles to unmatched performance. As a leading name in the industry, we specialize in producing a comprehensive range of engine oils meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of your vehicles.

Discover optimal performance with our premium engine oils crafted to deliver peak efficiency and power.

Ignitol Petrol Engine Oil

Petrol Engine Oil

Ignitol Petrol Engine Oil ensures peak gasoline engine performance with advanced additives for optimal lubrication and wear protection.
ignitol Diesel engine oil

Diesel Engine Oil

Ignitol Diesel Engine Oil provides durability and reliability for diesel engines, minimizing deposits and enhancing fuel efficiency.
ignitol motorcycle

Motorcycle Oil

Ignitol Motorcycle Oil offers versatile protection against heat, oxidation, and deposits, ensuring consistent engine reliability for motorcycles.
Ignitol Marin Oil

Marine Oil

Ignitol Marine Oil is specially formulated for marine engines, delivering superior corrosion resistance and effective lubrication.
ATF Ignitol

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Ignitol ATF ensures smooth shifting, thermal stability, and wear protection for automatic transmissions.
Ignitol Gear oil

Gear Oil

Ignitol Gear Oil provides optimum lubrication for gears and differentials, maintaining smooth operation under various conditions.
Ignitol White Oil

White Oil

Made from hydro-cracked oils with highest purity, our white oils are stabilized with suitable additives for oxidation/UV stability.
Ignitol Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly

Our petroleum jellies are made up of a combination of hydrotreated hydrocarbon feedstocks and petroleum waxes...

Company Overview

Ignitol Lubricants

Ignitol, an integral part of the esteemed Regal Group of Companies, emerged with a strategic vision to enhance its footprint in the energy sector. As a prominent bulk trader in the region, Ignitol is dedicated to delivering top-tier White Oil and petroleum Jelly products. This marks a significant stride towards diversification within the industry, poised to amplify the group’s overall growth. Leveraging its robust trading foundation, Ignitol gains a substantial edge over competitors by efficiently sourcing premium raw materials in bulk quantities at competitive prices.


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